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JiuzhaiGou-Northern Sichuan 5 days tour

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see west-north Sichuan Jiuzhiagou National Park-Ruoergai Wetland- Hongyuan Grassland, join nomad tibetan lifestyle and watch wildlife ; deeply explore Ando tibetan culture and custom , overland whole west north sichuan tibetan region

Tour  highlights 

Jiuzhaigou National Parkyou’ll visit Jiuzhaigou National Park. It is well-known not only as a national park, but also a UNESCO World Heritage since 1992. Home to nine Tibetan Villages scattered in its 720 sq., it consists of three valleys – Rize Valley, Shuzheng Valley and Zechawa Valley formed a shape of “Y”. There are 114 lakes, 47 springs, 17 groups of waterfalls, 11 rapids and 5 tufa shoals within the reserve. It is said that there is no other place as peaceful as in Jiuzhaigou all over the world. This fairy land will take you to a wondrous world. jiuzagou tour is one of highlights in northern of Sichuan 

RuoerGai  Wetland   the  Ruoergai is a national natural preserve area. No.1 of the Six Most Beautiful Swamp and Wetlands in China. There are 10 kinds of plateau-marsh rare and precious animals in the world, such as black- neck cranes, yellow ducks and plateau fish. Ruoergai Prairie is the most beautiful grassland in tibet region north of JIuzhaigou National  park ;The wild is boundless and fertile is highlight of Sichuan tour and part  of Jiuzhaigou trip
Flower Lake is inserted like blue gem on the grassland reflecting bright and gold-like light. Yellow ducks, stream-gulls and black-neck cranes often perch at the lake-side teasing each other. Swans, white cranes and black-neck cranes flock together dancing or hovering. The joyful larks are flying and soaring in the sky. When exposing the situation, you seem to enter dreamlike animal kingdom. 
The best time to visit the Flower Lake(huahu lake) is in July-Sep when the flowers are in blossom, people can see the flowers growing under the water and the whole wetland are dotted by wild flowers which make the large prairie a colorful blanket

Hongyuan GrassLand 

Hongyuan grassland Hongyuan(red plain) got its name as Red Army passed this place during the famous Long March,  it is  a best place see Anduo Tibetan people`s nomad life and ride horse  Today, the grassland is covered with thousands of cattle and sheep, it is hard to imagine the wild past. When spring falls down the grassland flowers are blooming. The endless green grassland is really colorful.  limitless pasture, the herds of yarks and sheep wandering here and there.
On the grassland near Hongyuan, several white Chortens stand in alignment, their white sacred shape contrasting beautifully to the grassland and blue sky. In Hongyuan, apart from visiting these Chortens, you can also rent a horse from Tibetan nomads to ride on the vast grassland.

Tour itinerary  

The first day:
we will send of to Shuangliu Airport from you hotel in Chengdu  about 40mins flight to JIuzhaiu airport  
then,arrange JIzhaigou airport to pick you up 
depend on your flight scheme; about 1.5hours drive to JIuzaigou national park ,then check in hotel 



The second day:
we full day in National Park ,headed to Park at 8:00am,and we take tour bus  from the mirror lake to the arrow bamboo lake.If      time possible, we can hike back to departure. At night, we came back to hotel.

The third day:

We will set out to RouerGai Wetland  by bus at 8:30am from hotel.It takes us one day to enjoy there and about 15:00pm we are back to hotel.

The fourth day:
we will set out to Hongyuan Grassland also by bus at 8:30am from hotel.We'll spend full day there,then come back hotel about 19:00pm.

The last day:
This day we'll finish the Jiuzaigou-Northern Sichuan tour.
We will set up to Jiuzhaigou  airport by our private car or bus ,then send you back to Shuangliu Airport about 40 mins flight.

Tour quotation  

this private  flight to Jiuzhaigou tour will cost 

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CNY 6500 5000 4300 4000    

Tour included

1.All personal entrance tickets;
2.2 breakfasts and 2 dinners;
3.Transportation: car/minivan depending on the number of tourists;
4.English-speaking guide;
5.Round-way flight tickets between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou;
6.Hotels ( 2 nights 4-star standard hotel twin room with private bath );

Tour excluded
1.Tibetan culture show;

2.Your own expenses,such as laundry,entertainment etc.

3.Tips to the guide & driver.




Tour Notes

1 our hotel usually 4 star hotel Such as Qianhe international hotel if you want upgrade to 5star hotel such as Sheraton need pay extra , hotel will be deluxe queen or twin room; 2 person /room 
2 jiuzhaigou belong to plateau  . airlines delay will be often occurrence 
3   food in jiuzhaigou not better  than chengdu , this is belong to highland 
4 bring some anti-  highland sickness pills 

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