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Chengdu Panda holding tour with Chengdu private guide

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one of reason in Chengdu tour the Panda Base holding babies leading by Chengdu local private tour guide ;through holding panda baby touch them feeling small adorable animals --booking panda holding by local tour guide Jay

tour itinerary 

Morning 8:00am
 Chengdu local private tour guide pick up to Chengdu Panda breeding,guide will take you through the center see ages of Pandas closures , from adult panda enclosures  to sub-adult panda 2 year old , and babies panda enclosure  then see red panda enclosures , guide explain a panda's development.  and  who growth up and  life habits both captured and wild; Learn about the progression from a baby panda to a full grown panda with a visit to the baby panda area, where you'll admire these small and delicate creatures. Despite their age and size, you'll see how full of life and energy they are! then waiting panda holding 

about 9:30 Then, head to the Panda holding  experience station register  that keeps the  baby pandas holding program and pay them 2000CNY/person

program start at 10am , whole program go through 50min separate 2 parts .  

first part  : follow local staff  Learn how adolescent pandas, between the ages of one and five, spend this important maturity period. Finally, you'll witness the giant panda in all its full-grown glory at the adult area. experienced how does local staff take care pandas , such as  make panda cake  , wash bamboo ,

last part : enter  private room , waiting panda baby coming out , the staff put panda baby into your lap , you  just holding them and kiss them , feed them  bambino as gifts , Take pictures of these endangered species eating bamboo .

​them waiting  gifts such as panda T-shirts  toys ; photos inside crystal frames ; 



 tour  guide  fee cost 400CNY  for this tour 

private car cost 600CNY for this tour 

entrance fee cost 58 CNY  

be 1158 CNY /per group ( 1-6 person per group)

panda holding fee cost 2000CNY/per person pay tho s fee to Panda breeding center when you arrivals 


1 please booking holing panda  earlier . this  program limited  30 person  per day  . 

2  Taxi from your hotel - Panda breeding center acceptable  

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